Not stopping…

But thought I’d say hello.

Gosh, quite a lot has happened in the past, what, 10 days.. hang on, IS THAT ALL? Blimey.

So, I bought a new car. It’s blue (Horizon Turquoise Blue to you). It’s a hybrid. It has a few nice gadgets. It’s quite small. It’s rather bloody lovely and looks like this:

Honda CRZ.

That website is about to get switched on so I will have a fair bit less stress and will finally be able to build my Lego Space Shuttle (my promise to myself for getting it launched… see what I did there…).

I’ve lost some more weight.

Then put some of it back on.

Then lost some more. The trend is still downwards but I also ended up on antibiotics so I’m not disheartened. Determined still!

I have also toyed with writing up my own inner thoughts as I continue to battle to lose weight, largely prompted by reading The Skinny Conspiracy which, if you battle with your weight, or an eating disorder, or just generally struggle with your own body image, then you might want to give it a read.

Ohh yeah, and one of several PPI claims came back with a settlement figure that was a VERY nice surprise (five figures nice!). So my ex-wife and I get a nice wee pot of cash. Smiles all round for that one.

Anyway, can’t stop. Website to launch and need to read up on my holiday.

Oh yeah… off to Tunisia at the start of May… didn’t I mention that?