I’ve been gamed.

Or rather, I’m gaming myself.

I’m fully aware this is happening, and yet I’m actually enjoying letting my behaviour be dictated by the simplest of mechanisms, a number displayed on a screen.

The premise is simple enough, the higher the number the better.

I started at about 44 and slowly rose, week after week until it hit 55.3. It peaked there for a while and then crept up further, plateauing at 55.5.

I thought that would be it, and if I’m honest I almost accepted it for a while. 55.5 would be the highest it would go and there wasn’t much else I could do if I wanted to influence it.

Except that’s not true.

With such systems it’s always possible to eek a little more from the working set of parameters, adapting in finer and finer increments until you get a perceptible gain.

It’s been a long time but in the past couple of weeks 55.7 was reached, then 55.9 was touched, all too briefly. The last week saw the number fluctuate, 55.8, 55.9, 55.8, 55.9.

Such torment!

And then, finally, on Sunday the display read 56!

I know I’ve been gaming myself, using the number to adjust things, changing this and that to keep it rising higher and higher. I could probably keep going but at some point there must come a balance and I’m happy enough with things as they are.

Yes, 56 is a good number. I’m happy with 56.


  1. Yeah, mine began around 35.something and is now at 40.6. It increases by roughly .1 a week now. Quite pleased as it’s not small and is often fully loaded.

  2. BW – yeah, that’s true. Given that last car got about 44 on a good run, I’m just enjoying this weird “50” number 🙂 One slow step at a time.

  3. That’s good going.

    My (now six year old) just went over the 50mark. 50.1 today. Happiness.

    Although of course the true figures are a bit lower, but equally open to fluctuation. I find it’s about 10% off true.

  4. If only. 29 is common around here. But then we can still get out of the village when there are 4 inches of ice.

  5. miles to the gallon? we got up to 59.9 when we were on holiday in france recently!

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