Being offline

Things I didn’t do yesterday.

1. Check my email.
2. Check Twitter.
3. Check RSS feeds for updates.
4. Look at any websites, whatsoever.

And, you know what, nothing broke, the world is still spinning. Just a wee note to you all, sitting there reading this (yes, all 6 of you), now and again trying just turning everything off.

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Doing my best to find a balance.

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Yeah, it’s good to do something like that every so often.

I need to do off-line more often. (Although I know I’d likely then end up writing websites instead of looking at them)

You mean that I switched everything on just to read that?? Actually, I had an offline day yesterday, spent most of it wielding a chainsaw. You should try it – much more therapeutic than Twitter.

Wait a minute, they let YOU wield a chainsaw? Do the authorities know this??

izb says:

This is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.

– posted from my phone, on the train

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