NaNoWriMo? No!

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I’d love to.

I really would.

Every year that rolls around finds me considering it.

Every year I start to jot down notes (where do you think one man tales came from?).

Every year I visit the website, and get excited at the thought.

Every year I think, yeah I COULD do that.

Every year I think, maybe I SHOULD do that.

Every year I think, maybe that’s just what I need.

Every year I think, yes, this is the year. I will do it!

But I won’t.

Not this year.

I just don’t have the time (such a lame excuse, really).

Even if I was to promise myself to MAKE the time.

I wouldn’t.


If it really meant that much to me I would.

But I won’t.

Maybe next year.


Will you?

7 Replies to “NaNoWriMo? No!”

  1. I have done on three occasions in the past (and completed twice). I’m doing a cheat’s NaNo this year though – I’d like to do the full thing, but I just don’t have the time.

    So from November 1st I’m having a 500 words every week day rule, using the NaNo hype/community to get my enthused, but expecting my NaNo to end in 8 months time, not 1 month! Which sounds horrifically long for a first draft, but 500 words at a time is faster than 0 words at a time, right?

    I’ve done all my planning, know roughly what happens in my opening scene, just no clue where the rest of the book is going (eep). I guess I’ll find out what happens next when I get there.

  2. Empathies. I LOVE the idea of NaNoWriMo but lack both stamina and commitment.

    Plus. November is lurgy month when every bout of freshers flu catches up on me. Utterly admire those who manage it through!

  3. I’m still signed up to the Glasgow NaNoWriMo mailing list from last year (I managed to write a grand total of 440 words, LOL), and although it’s starting to sound appealing again, I’ve really not got the time or enough inclination. Maybe one of these years we’ll both get round to it, eh?

  4. I’m doing it. Having given up in 2005, I hit the word count (but didn’t finish the story) in 2007. Perhaps this time I can manage both.
    Or at least get on and finish the story soon after. I still haven’t finished the one from 2007.

  5. Every year I seem to go through the same chain of thought has yourself.

    I really did consider it this year and technically I have the time. For the first time in a year or two I have both the time and the means to take part.

    Still not going to do it. Why? Well this year I am just going to be honest and say I am too lazy. Maybe next year. LOL

  6. This is my first year of it, though I really don’t like the whole ‘word count is king, not quality/content’ thing. I’m using it as the kick up the arse I need to start writing (which I’ve threatened to do for the 13 years since doing a Creative Writing MA), and if by the end of November I haven’t got 50,000 words then I shan’t lose any sleep.

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