Despite having had a small fortune spent on it recently, the car needed to go back into the garage this morning. I decided that I’d drop the car off, walk to the barber and get my haircut then walk home. Rain permitting.

Which it did.

All in it’s a couple of miles, mostly uphill and as the day wasn’t too warm, nor too cold, and the clouds were slowly dispersing I thought, why the hell not.

I’ve always liked walking, more so in cities where there is so much to observe, but even a wander through a suburban town like Hamilton has moments that make it worthwhile, be they sad, happy, odd or even mundane.

A middle aged woman sitting on dining chair at her front door, still in her dressing gown, cigarette in one hand, a handkerchief in the other. She didn’t even look up as I passed, her blank gaze focussed on the ground in front of her. Smoke drifted untouched out of the door and spiralled up to the heavens.

A young baby in a pushchair, kicking his legs and giggling in that infectious way that only babies can. His Mum laughing along unashamedly, who looked up at me as I passed and happily acknowledged the smile that I couldn’t help but form, a hint of joy shared.

An old man and his companion, both hobbling along at their own pace. No hurry or rush, just another day to be gotten through. The newspaper under his arm suggests it’s all part of the routine, the old dog following him is stiff and sore but faithfully following. No lead required, he knows the way.

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