In the head space

Adrift. Floating in an empty space. Colour fills the horizon, seeping into the space below, sinking deeper and merging with black.

The subtle rhythm of the music, the staccato beat fills the room. Repetition on repetition, frequency and tone, key in maintaining the moment. Syncopated change fluctuates the air and the colours swirl once more, the room spins back into being whilst retaining a distance, smoked glass and dull mirrors.

Lost in fragments of time, seconds are hours, minutes become seconds. The colours blur, space bends and the contours are rubbed smooth with the resonance of the sound in the air. Animal cries punctuate each instance, a moment scattered and regained. Carnal, base utterances added to the cacophony and once more dark fades to white, the light blue of the sky above, clear, vivid, pinsharp.

Each emotion, each instant is beautiful, locked in memory. Their eyes meet and know it to be true, all of this and more, each nerve ending tingles as they spark off each other. Electric, alive, one.

Again, everything shimmers and returns to dull normality. The sounds and smells remain but the light has dimmed, and as it fades everything is restored. Everything is just how it was left, yet everything has changed. Once again it is over.

Leaving now, contemplative and sullen, quietly content and sated. Until the next time when everything will change again, every action and sliver will twist and bend, ready to take on a new form. A singularity bonded from the motions, the writhing mass responding as one. A unique bond, a tie that will hold against the tide of discontent, against the maelstrom that will always rage.

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Long time blogger, Father of Jack, geek of many things, random photographer and writer of nonsense.

Doing my best to find a balance.

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