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Last week at work was quietly manic and next week shows no sign of anything changing on that front. There is a big project on the go and, whilst it’s great to be involved in it from the very start, it does mean I am now juggling 4 or 5 different responsibilities. I know everyone else does this too, I’m really REALLY not complaining, in fact I revel in the additional pressure of it all. Turns out I’m quite happy when I’m busy.

Maybe that’s why I say YES to so many things.

It’s that need to be busy (I’m pretty sure it’s just that, not a need to be liked, or any form of acceptance seeking) which found me trawling, torch in hand, through various boxes in our loft this evening. It’s always a little memory trip, uncovering boxes of mementos and whatnot; 21st birthday cards, items we are storing for family even though we all know they’ll never ask for them back, my old (pre-internet) porn stash, some LPs and… what? Ohhh shit. No no, no porn stash at all.



My Mum reads this you know.. dammit.


So I’m brushing away cobwebs, blowing dust from boxes, certain that somewhere in the depths of the attic is the item I’m looking for. Took me about 15 minutes, three bumps on the head and one hearty thump across my back when I stood up beneath one of the roof beams, but I finally found.

My old cassette tape Walkman. Just hope it still works.

I’ve been asked to convert a tape to CD and, these days, the only means I have of performing such a feat is to hook up the Walkman to my PC, record it and then burn a CD of the result. Fingers crossed.

That aside, I’m taking a break from website design stuff for the month of December. I’m just polishing off the latest one, and have a questionnaire out to a potential client with a note saying that it’ll be January before I can start.

So, what on earth am I going to do with my spare time in December?

Ohh I’m sure I’ll find something to fill the time. Be it Pro Evo Soccer, getting through a backlog of books (more on that soon), or possibly finally tidying out my iTunes library (21,762 tracks = MUST STOP BUYING MUSIC!!). Mind you, the porch needs varnished, the living room could do with painting and the garden.. oh god, the garden needs some attention too… always fun in December.

All that and more will keep me busy and with a big grin on my face. So if I sound like I’m moaning please rest assured, I’m not. Not in the slightest.

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It always amuses me that male offspring think that their parents don’t know about their porn stashes, in the same way that offspring never think their parents have sex.

If you have that many digital music tracks – I’m sure you have them triply backed up but – on my Value travels recently I’ve noticed that there are a couple of insurance companies who are now covering digital music in the same way they cover hard-copy. Just in case it’s of any interest to anyone…

Double backed up but yeah, will check that insurance out, nice to have that safeguard.

And it is entirely likely that I’m using artistic license for comic effect ya know πŸ˜‰

Although it begs the question, what do female offspring think?

I suspect that women don’t have porn stashes in the same way men do*. Well, none I’ve ever known anyway. And I only said ‘offspring’ not ‘male offspring’ in the second bit πŸ˜‰

*I could write you an essay on the psychology of why, but really I CBA…

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