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Taking a break from the Author-it, I’ve been playing with WINK, an open source tutorial and presentation authoring software. It’s quite nice but unfortunately I’ve been having issues getting the recorded presentations rendered into Flash.

So I’ve started to look about for other options, but there are so many options out there that I’m a little befuddled and overwhelmed.

We want to record some presentations that show off the new features in our product. A few of our developers have given a few of these to internal staff, but I want to get them recorded and viewable online in our development community website. Getting the recording software to do what we want is proving the biggest obstacle though, so it’s over to you guys and gals!

Do you record any presentations? If so what software do you use to record them, and how do you make them available online? Ideally we’d like flash as an output format but as long as it’s viewable we aren’t that fussy.

Any suggestions?

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I think the only tool worth using to record software presentations is Camtasia Studio. Honestly, it’s the best thing out there. Captivate works better for interactive type scenarios, but it’s terrible for editing full motion recording.

If you can’t afford Camtasia Studio, there is an alternative called Blueberry Flashback Express Recorder, but really Camtasia is the best option.

For quick little videos where you don’t care about the quality, use Jing. Jing is free and anyone can learn it in 2 minutes.

I too use AIT and am experimenting with Wink. I have no trouble getting Flash output (which is fabulously compact coming from Wink), so I’m charging all steam ahead on implementing it in my shop. What’s the nature of the trouble, if I may ask?

Fabienne Pagnier says:

I use Demobuilder at work. It’s the software they had when I started. I’m very happy with it. It allows you to create flash files, makes it easy to mix powerpoint style slides with full motion recording, but most importantly for us, it has a text export option to help with translation. I see they’ve just a released a new version with lots of lovely options.

Mary – it’s purely rendering the output that fails. We have a 30 minute presentation that just won’t render at all. I’m still playing with the application, tweaking some settings and so on.

sra says:

What about adobe presenter?

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