Dear President Obama

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Dear President Obama, originally uploaded by Gordon.

There is a Flickr group where you can post a message to President (elect) Obama.

But what to say?

I’m not sure what kind of job he will do as President, he’s inheriting one helluva mess, but that’s almost secondary to the fact that he was elected in the first place. One thing at a time and all that.

With that in mind, there really was only one message to send with the hope that “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.”.

6 Replies to “Dear President Obama”

  1. How about: “Please sort out the ridiculous USPTO Plant Patent section 102b situation! Make Plant Patent comply with the UPOV Convention that the US signed up to!”. A bit niche?

  2. I got to say “I have a dream,” on Channel 4 telly a few years ago. Well, maybe twenty years. It was the defining moment of that week. Since then my people have gained civil partnerships, and I’ve been tossed on the scrap heap. Funny old world. Just got to get on with it. Nothing else for it. Not desperately sure a SWM should appropriate such a totemic phrase of oppression though. (But having met you I know you’re an OK guy.)

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