More nothing

I’m not sure if it’s the lull after the last few frantic weeks but I find myself ebbing between tasks, bumping around on the current, rudderless for the moment, with nary a breeze to prod me gently onwards.

In saying that I did re-organise the bedroom yesterday, whilst Louise shampooed the living room carpet. We were going to shuffle the living room about but, due to the space and dimensions we are kinda limited. As we had talked about doing the same with the bedroom I tackled that, moving a chest of drawers into the next room (now known as the “walk in wardrobe”), and moving the bed under the window. It gives us a lot more floor space although I’m not entirely sure what to do with it all!

We paused in the afternoon and nipped out to see Wall-E. It’s a great movie, quite dark in parts, but well-paced, funny, moving and thought provoking. Quite a feat. The story telling is first-rate, and whilst I was expecting more time to be spent setting up the premise and allowing the audience to buy-in to Wall-E’s plight, I now realise that as that wee robot is soooo darn cute they didn’t need to.

An aside, the scene where Wall-E is chasing the red laser dot across the terrain, I’m pretty sure they stole that from the way Oll-E (as he will now be known) does exactly the same thing.

And so to today.

Today I’m on holiday. I’m waiting in for the nice Sky installation engineer man to arrive (before 1pm, he promised) and install our Sky HD box. I’m both excited and sad about this.

Excited because I’m really looking forward to watching HD movies!

Sad because my gadget splurging is at an end. Guess I’ll just go and check my email on my iPhone, play a little Burnout on the PS3 and then settle down to watch a movie in high definition. It’s a hard life…