Laugh when you are crying

Laughter, according to the Reader’s Digest, is the best medicine. So it was good to hear a couple of jokes last night from my main source of terrible jokes, my mother. It’s a rare day when she tells a clean one, and last night was no exception:

A man arrives home having just purchased a pack of the new ‘Olympic Condoms’, he strides through the door and announces his purchase to his wife.

“Olympic condoms?” she blurts, “What makes them so special?”

“They’re in three colors,” he replies, “gold, silver, and bronze.” ”

What color are you planning on wearing tonight?” she asks cheekily.

“Why, gold, of course.” says the man proudly.

“Really?” she responds. “Why don’t you wear the silver tonight? It’d be nice if you came second for a change.”


The medicine is required for my sore foot. I’ve developed a pain across the top of my foot which … hurts. It started on Tuesday night, eased off during the day but came back pretty instantly last night. I ended up cutting my run short (an annoyance as I’d just eased into the lead of my Nike+ challenge) and it’s still sore this morning.

I’ll rest up for a couple of days and see how it is on Sunday. I’ll also be changing back to regular laces in case the elastic ones are causing the problem. Hopefully it’s just a bit of bruising although, if I’m honest, it feels worse than that. Thankfully having previously broken a metatarsal I know it’s not that… bloody sore though.

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Ah! You made me splutter coffee everywhere!

Hope the foot improves, that really is unfortunate timing!

Hurrah for bad jokes!

What do you get when you throw two elephants, and a cymbal, off a cliff?


The foot thing sounds familiar – oddly enough, I get (or used to get, haven’t done this for a while) a similar pain when I was doing a long-distance drive.

It’s (usually) something to do with the foot being in a new/odd position, and not being used to it, so the muscles are tensed in ‘wrong’ ways, which then hurts.

Herself also reckons/reckoned it might be due to insufficient support of the arch of the foot, thus making it bend in ‘wrong’ or unsupported places.

Hope it gets better soon though – I know it can be pretty bloody sore!


Donalda Bint says:

Not got new running shoes, have you? Or running longer than usual distances in them? I had a pair of running shoes (Adidas, fyi) which were fine up until about 15 minutes running and then they killed. Eventually had to swap the shoes.

I am the person in the running shoe shop running for 15 minutes on their treadmill…

Nope, not new shoes. And I’d had several OK runs with the elastic laces… but as they are the newest ‘change’ they are the first to go.

Peter – hope you are taking something for that cough, and hope it’s not catching.

Cor, what a brilliant mum! You must have had a right laugh as a kid. Laughter is my life raft, my medicine, my nourishment and currently all I’ve got that no one can take away from me (oh but how they try though!). It works wonders and it’s never very far away if only you can be bothered to look for it. Jokes or no jokes, there is humour in any life situation, even the most tragic ones.

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