And then … silence

Stuck. Typing words, empty sentences.


Stuck. Typing words, empty sentences.

Looming large in my view, static, unmoving. Quietly threatening, taunting. It will not move.

Smash it down. Nothing reaches.

Sneak around it. It has no end.

Coax it gently. The empty space booms back.

Typing and typing. Writing and writing. Delete. Repeat.

Typing, typing, typing. The space recedes.


All progress is false.

The space recedes.

All progress is false.

Then what? Not an end, never an end. It won’t allow it.

But a block. Yes, a block. Temporary but distinct. Un-importantly annoying.

I type on. The window fills. A post. Publish. The block remains.

Maybe tomorrow.

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