“I mean, look at him”


“That guy, with the tan jacket”

“What about him?”

“Well I know I’m not the most fashionable guy, but even I wouldn’t wear THAT”

“What? A tan jacket??”

“No, ohh can’t you see from there? Ahhh wait a minute, wait until that woman moves the buggy… wait…”


“See, told you.”

“But why? I mean… why? That’s just SO wrong. Do you think she dressed him and forgot he was a guy?”

“Hey, at least they match his jacket.. and they’re clean, they certainly don’t look like they’ve ever seen a building site that’s for sure.”

“You’re right there, cleanest pair of work boots I’ve ever seen!!”

“Still doesn’t explain why he’s got his trousers tucked into them though…”


  1. Tan jacket, matching tan trousers tucked into non-working work boots? Is the man asking for ridicule?

    Trying a bit too hard and failing is so much worse than not trying at all. Sartorially speaking

  2. We’ve all done that right ….

    Ok mine were cowboy boots, but we’ve all had fashion mistakes …

    Maybe he was on a building site and forgot to untuck them.

  3. The only time I’ve ever tucked my trousers into a pair of boots was when I wore wellington boots! (wellies!)

    And he most definitely had NOT been on a building site, this was a ‘fashion’ thing without a doubt.

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