Friday Quiz Answers

Right, you’ve had since Friday to chea .. answer these questions. How many did YOU get right?

Question: Who coined the term ‘Oedipus Complex’?
Answer: Carl Gustav Jung – A lot of people think it was Freud but it was actually Jung, a follower of his. Freud came up with the ideas within the concept but Jung gave it the name.
Points: 1

Question: What is the one word title for when a person is turned on by a womans worn underwear?
Answer: Mysophilia
Points: 1

Question: The Gimli Glider is what?
Answer: A Boeing 767 which ran out of fuel and landed at Gimli Airport. And yes, this featured in my sidebar not that long ago, who was paying attention?!
Points: 1

Question: How many major airports serve New York City?
Answer: 4 – Controversy! I didn’t define what a “major” airport was, so if you said 3 then give yourself a point.
Points: 1

Question: Name them. 1 point for each correct answer.
Answer: JFK International, LaGuardia, Newark Liberty International, Teterboro.
Points: 4

Question: What is a Tiki?
Answer: A carved talisman (grotesque head) common to Polynesian culture.
Points: 1

Question: Sn is the symbol for which chemical element? Bonus point for the correct atomic number
Answer: Tin. Atomic Number 50
Points: 2

Question: The rock band Journey was started by former members of which band?
Answer: Santana
Points: 1

Question: Who said “I am not a Marxist.”
Answer: Karl Marx
Points: 1

Question: When was the first version of Trivial Pursuit released?
Answer: 1981.
Points: 1

Question: What is Columbo’s first name?
Answer: Frank (honest)
Points: 1

Question: Brazil won the world cup in 1962. Who did they beat in the final? Where was it hosted? (point for each)
Answer: They beat Czechoslovakia, and it was hosted in Chile.
Points: 2

Question: Which football team plays at Boleyn Ground?
Answer: West Ham. Yes, it’s also known as Upton Park.
Points: 1

Question: “I had been making the rounds of the Sacrifice Poles the day we heard my brother had escaped. I already knew something was going to happen; the Factory told me.” The opening lines of which novel? Bonus point for the author.
Answer: The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks.
Points: 2

Question: Musically, Ritardando means what?
Answer: Gradually slower, or ‘slowing down’
Points: 1

Question: What is a “Hayward”?
Answer: A fence inspector from days of yore.
Points: 1

Question: The Nile is the longest, the Amazon comes second, but what’s the third longest river in the world?
Answer: Chang Jiang or Yangtze.
Points: 1

Question: What is the collective noun for a group of Woodpeckers?
Answer: A descent.

Question: Allen Stewart Konigsberg is better known as who?
Answer: Woody Allen
Points: 1

Question: Name the Goddess of the moon – Greek or Roman accepted (bonus for both!)
Answer: Greek; Selene. Roman; Luna. Controversy! – Artemis was Goddess of the Hunt, as was Diana until she became a moon goddess, supplanting Selene. Will accept Diana and Artemis as answers (should’ve worded the question differently).
Points: 1 per Goddess

A couple of controversial questions in there, I guess I should steer clear of things I’m not 100% sure about.


  1. 1. is very controversial – you need to provide a reference I feel. As far as my old psychology texts taught me, Jung came up with the word “complex” in 1905 in terms of subconcious associations but never used the phrase “Oedipus Complex”. Freud used the concept of a “complex” to give a name to the theory he put forward in his 1900 work “Interpretation of Dreams”.

  2. I took that question and answer from an article by Henry A. Murray in the Journal of Analytical Psychology. He interviewed Freud and Jung on a variety of topics and I believe that is where this answer is based.

    However I read it about 8 years ago so I may be suffering from a reversed memory or somesuch. If so, apologies.

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