Friday Quiz

Not long before I left my last place of work we started a Friday Quiz email. The winner has to post the questions for the forthcoming week and as I won last week..

20 questions, a possible 28 points up for grabs and absolutely the best non-prize ever. Answers will be posted on Sunday.

The Questions

Question: Who coined the term ‘Oedipus Complex’?

Question: What is the one word title for when a person is turned on by a womans worn underwear?

Question: The Gimli Glider is what?

Question: How many major airports serve New York City?

Question: Name them. 1 point for each correct answer.

Question: What is a Tiki?

Question: Sn is the symbol for which chemical element? Bonus point for the correct atomic number

Question: The rock band Journey was started by former members of which band?

Question: Who said “I am not a Marxist.”

Question: When was the first version of Trivial Pursuit released?

Question: What is Columbo’s first name?

Question: Brazil won the world cup in 1962. Who did they beat in the final? Where was it hosted? (point for each

Question: Which football team plays at Boleyn Ground?

Question: “I had been making the rounds of the Sacrifice Poles the day we heard my brother had escaped. I already knew something was going to happen; the Factory told me.” The opening lines of which novel? Bonus point for the author.

Question: Musically, Ritardando means what?

Question: What is a “Hayward”?

Question: The Nile is the longest, the Amazon comes second, but what’s the third longest river in the world?

Question: What is the collective noun for a group of Woodpeckers

Question: Allen Stewart Konigsberg is better known as who?

Question: Goddess of the moon – Greek or Roman accepted (bonus for both!)


  1. A pub quiz without beer!


    My answers are Oedipus, skanky, tin, Marx, slowing down a bit, Woody Allen.

    I’ve won! I have, haven’t I?

  2. Answers

    Also, do we get extra bonus points for pointing out that the Greeks had two moon goddesses – you’re probably looking for Artemis (Diana in Roman mythology) but Selene was also the goddess of the moon (and not much else)

    Anyway, some (non wiki’d) answers on my blog

  3. Dragon scored 14 out of 28. Can anyone else beat that?

    Feel free to email your answers – gordon AT, if you want to ‘hide’ them until I reveal the winner!

  4. Off the top of my head: 1) Freud; 4&5) 2? JFK and Newark; 9) Lenin?!; 15) Something to do with slowing down. Yikes. That’s appalling. Esp. given they’re probably all wrong…

  5. Off the top of my head:


    3 – JFK, LaGuardia, Newark

    Sn = Tin
    Trivial Pursuit – in 1981 by a couple of Canadians

    Ritardando = to slow down the music, delay or ‘retard’ it

    Moon goddess – Diana, artemis

    Tiki = torch

    river – Yangtse then mississippi?

    A flock? A peck of Woodpeckers?

    I know nothing about football

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