Why you no redesign?

Apologies for the recent spate of grammatically incorrect post titles, for some reason my brain keeps uttering them in a foreign-tinted accent, ya know mon? Most unsettling really, and personally I blame … umm … someone else (obviously, it’s not MY fault).

However, the question remains, I had planned to redesign this little corner of the interweb but didn’t find the time, far less the inclination, to do so. Why? Read on MacDuff, afore ye lies the answer, or at the very least several ponderings, questions and other general wonderingments.

You see, anytime I think of redesigning THIS site I become a client of myself and lord knows I’m a terrible customer. I know what I LIKE but what I really need to figure out is what I NEED.

This is in complete contrast to a recent client who, upon seeing an early mockup of a site I was designing for him, exclaimed “That’s it, it’s perfect!”. I tried to point out that it was just an early sample, a way of agreeing layout and basic structure but no, he liked it so much that it’ll become the final design (ish). Brilliant. Brilliant for me, brilliant for him. Brilliant! (ahhh, does anyone else miss The Fast Show? Hmmm DVD for Xmas would nice, must add that to my wishlist).

So, to try and figure out what it is I need from the design, I sketch out some thoughts, nothing radical, and that simple act sets my mind thinking… or more accurately it sets both sides of my brain against each other in a weird sparring match.

* wibbly wobbly dream sequence *

[Michael Buffer*]


You join us tonight for a 52 round battle to decide upon the new design of this website!! In the red corner we have “Blog Reader Gordon” with a record of 0 wins, 0 losses and 143 draws. In the blue corner, “Blog Writer Gordon”, with an identical record of 0 wins, 0 losses and 143 draws.

This is a no-disqualification bout, with the winner decided on points by the ring-side judges. So, without further ado…


[/Michael Buffer]

* wibbly wobbly wibbly wobbly *

Back in reality then (sort of) in the red corner the “blog reading” me constantly harps on about text sizes, easy navigation and placement of content, and “blog writing” me sits in the blue corner, rolls his eyes and starts to question whether anyone ever bothers clicking on the photos anyway, so why have them?

The blue corner receives a lot of attention, as the design of this site has a direct link to how *I* want to use it. I’ve covered this before – the headings are large to make them more prominent and try and focus me on writing better, like – and the overflow/miniblog/sidebar bit has grown over the past couple of designs as I use it for ‘quick posts’ more than just links.

The red corner usually sits quietly to one side at these moments, biding his time until I’m almost settled on a certain layout, before leaping in to point out that, whilst it’s all well and good to be ABLE to cram all those links up the top of the page into one line, it might not suit the readers and would hinder navigation. Blue glares at red, and the rest of my brain goes on strike. Repeat ad nauseum.

This battle rages in my head for weeks, in fact it’s probably fair to say that it’s a permanent part of the “blogging Gordon” you all know (and probably hate as I’m so talented, dashing and debonair that I make you puke, right?).

Sometimes one side comes out on top for a while, then the other side fights back, casualties piling up all the while. Then, suddenly, a blinding light sweeps all before it and everything becomes clear. For it is the God of Design and he has descended from on high to lay down his decision (after he’s laid down his shiny new MacBook and paused his iPod). His voice thunders forth:

“Use the template, Luke, trust your feelings” he roars, somewhat confusingly.

I ponder this proclamation for some time, even download and try a few to see how they ‘fit’ with red and blue, before deciding that ohh no, not I, I will survi… um.. will not use templates but rather will persevere with this internal (infernal) battle and see what it produces.

And that’s why I’ve not posted the redesign yet.

It’s absolutely nothing to do with being a complete twit who deleted his new design template.