Sunday morning, 11am, and… ohh wait, I wasn’t going to blog about my jogging so much was I. Ohh well, my site, my rules etc etc.

Sunday morning, 11am, and a glorious sun stretches up into the sky. I felt really good as we started the run and pushed myself pretty hard, something noticed by the jog coach who, as we were walking back to the centre to do some stretches, suggested I move up a group. I very quickly, and firmly, said no. Flattered as I was, I just know that if I move up a group (which equates to running for longer) I’ll likely end up sore, or injured, and sicken myself of this new regime that I’m so enjoying.

I’m going to start doing a longer run myself though, and as my Nike+ arrived today (cheers Keith!!) I’ll be using that from here on out to keep a track of distances covered and what not. I’ll probably double post it to the Fetch Everyone (yes, that’s my stats) site I currently use.

Anyway, that capped out a nice weekend. Not only do I FINALLY have a large cheque in my bank account, but my parents popped over last night and brought with them some ‘stuff’. Namely a lot of old school reports, jotters, and random snippings from the local newspaper that my Mum had kept over the years. It included a card I made for my Mum, presumably when she was in hospital awaiting the birth of my sister, which read: “… I hope it’s a boy!”. Although I’m glad it wasn’t, then I wouldn’t have a wee sister to look after (and laugh at.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

And so, as the last remnants of last nights dinner (red pesto chicken pasta, made by me) are consumed, the weekend fades out of sight. I wonder what this week will bring?

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