Winter cometh

All of a sudden, although it may have happened in the last week, the temperature seems to have dropped and winter is edging closer. The realisation that my winter wardrobe isn’t complete hit home this morning as I went to choose a jacket to wear to work.

That makes it sound like I’ve a lot of jackets. I don’t. I’m not my father (kidding Dad!).

I have five “jackets”. One is a goretex waterproof job which is only for rainy days and hillwalking. One is a cold snowy day type jacket that is long, thick and padded and barely showerproof, one is essentially a summer jacket, smartish, dark blue and thin, one is a red showerproof fleece, and the other is my moleskin jacket.

Now, the red showerproof fleece is ‘handy’ but, bearing in mind it’s a few years old, it’s not really my style anymore. The goretex wasn’t required, not raining, the ‘winter coat’ wasn’t required as it’s not THAT cold, the summer jacket wasn’t required because it is colder than it has been and the moleskin wasn’t required because it doesn’t really go with t-shirt and jeans.

So I need a new jacket. And boots, must have boots for the winter.

I’m tempted to buy online this year, especially the boots (I’ve worn Wrangler boots for the past … ten years?) but have to admit I’m a little fussy when it comes to clothes so it’s highly unlikely.

I don’t mind shopping online for books and CDs and… well, things that you can predict, things that you know will come in a certain package or a certain size. But clothes? What if the material is wrong, what if the cuffs are too tight or too long, what if the pockets aren’t positioned properly, what if it’s just a little too short, what if it’s just a little too long? What if the collar doesn’t sit right? What if the inside pockets aren’t in the right position, or what if there are no inside pockets? What if …

Oh you get the picture. I’m a fussy bugger me.

And yes, bugger all happened on the train this morning, so this is all you get.

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