Life update

Right, a few items to cover, so let’s get on with it then.

Mortgage is proceeding nicely. Valuation came in and apparently we’ve added £20k to the value of our house in the past two years. Not sure WHERE but that was a nice surprise. We’re hoping to complete the new mortgage in a couple of weeks.

Jogging is proceeding nicely. Last night was the 10 week mark and the target of jogging for 10 minutes was met with ease! I think I’m a little ahead of the schedule as I did a 13 minute run on Sunday, and that was from my house which is almost at the very top of the highest part of the Clyde Valley (on a good day we can see Ben Lomond ya know… about 35 miles away).

iTunes 7 is coming along nicely too. Having had a few hassles installing it, well not installing it as getting the damn thing to run, it turns out that Apple have changed the way it interacts with your soundcard (or something like that), so if you have an audio recording application, TotalRecorder in my case, which is set as the output for your ‘sound’, then iTunes throws its toys out the pram. Easy to fix, in your Control Panel, go to the “Sounds and Audio Devices”, select the Audio tab and set the outputs to your soundcard.

And yes, I’m sure this all worked wonderfully on a Mac, save it, it’s kinda boring.

Mind you, the new iPod Shuffle might be on the cards as the cheapy 1GB MP3 player I bought Louise hardly works, only playing 30 or so tracks and claiming it ‘can’t find the rest’. Ohh and before I get ANY complaints about Louise being a second-class gadget owner, she’s tried to use the thing all of 4 times, if she was using it regularly she’d get a Nano too. Music is most definitely MY baby in this house.