Three days off

Stumbling for my slumber, I plod downstairs, idly stuff a chunk of fudge into my mouth whilst reading the note left for me.


Please hang up the washing, and put the box of photos back in the loft.

Please. Ta

Luv ya.

L xx

Ahh yes, it’s the high life for me. Day one of three days off work, the sun is shining and I might go for a wander round the shops this afternoon. If I can be bothered.

In the meantime I’m trying to sort out a solicitor to deal with our re-mortgaging as the one we used previously is refusing to either return my calls or answer his damn phone.

So I’ve phoned someone else, they’ll only charge us £434… ONLY! Blimey. Back to Yellow Pages.

[zip forward a couple of hours and several phone calls later]

I’ve figured out why solicitors charge you so much. As they seem to have an aversion to either answering phones, employing someone to answer phones, or returning your calls, they have to fleece those customers who do manage to speak to them for all that they are worth.

And I appear to have finished the fudge, it’s just as well I’m going for a run tonight.

Tomorrow we are away for a couple of days. It’ll be quiet here. Amuse yourselves, and play nice.