Not here

In a pattern that may well be repeated in the following few days, I’m not here.

I’m outside. In the sun. Frying to a crisp… where DID we put those bottles of sun cream from last year? And why oh why oh why can I never ever ever mention sun cream without thinking about Sunscreem?

Anyway, I’ve got plans for Friday evening, Saturday afternoon/evening/wee small hours of the morning, and most of Sunday (the hangover bit after Saturday) so I’m gonna get out into the sun whilst it’s here.

And you know what’s even more annoying about today in particular? The fact that I’ve been working at home and my wireless connection decide to die on me!! I’ve been stuck inside all flippin’ day.. rubbish.

Mind you, I’m back in the office tomorrow and Friday, sitting inside our air-conditioned office, gazing at the buildings as the sun bounces around the windows… meh. Not that it’ll be cool in our office, as our air-conditioning seems to be, like the heaters on the train, incapable of either being turned off or being switched to cool air.

Still, roll on Friday. We’re having a World Cup day in the office, beer pizza and the opening ceremony and games.. which reminds me. I must dig out my France top.

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