It’s all gone a bit ‘yeuch’ hasn’t it. What happened to the summer, was that it?! Probably.

In saying that, I don’t mind this kind of weather so much. It’s not raining hard enough to soak you, more a steady constant dripping, and as it’s warm enough to not need a jumper it was actually quite a pleasant walk to work this morning. Or at least it would have been if I was able to walk properly.

It seems the gardening extertions on Saturday have taken their toll on my hamstrings as they are tighter than a gnats chuff (or some other euphemism). I’m fine once I get going but as it only takes about two minutes to walk from the station to my office, no sooner have my legs started to approach normal functionality than I’ve arrived. I even wandered round the block at lunchtime just to keep them active. Might have a hot bath this evening…

Aside from that, and some rather juicy gossip at work which I can’t mention here (but it’s positively DRIPPING it’s so juicy), there ain’t much else to say. The news is wholly boring, and… wait.. how could I have forgotten!


What? Ohh don’t give me that look.

I promise I won’t blog about it any more than before as, and this is the same every year no matter how hard I try, I’ll start watching it for the first few weeks then I’ll get bored. Then, with about four weeks to go, I’ll get back into it (fitting it in alongside the World Cup of course) and THEN I’ll bore you all stupid. You have been warned!