Bye Bye Blogrolling

Despite their frequent emails over the past week —with each successive email featuring more and more exclamation marks to make the point “only one day left!!!!”— I’ve dropped my blogrolling subscription. Why?

I’ll tell you why, I’m skint. No wait, that’s something else…

The reason is simply that I don’t need their services anymore. I don’t use them for this site, and I don’t use them for my own little personal “internet start page” either. Simple enough.

But it does leave me with a quandary, one which was of my own making and quite deliberately manufactured. You see, not every site showed up as being ‘updated’ in blogrolling lists, and as I tend to use the indicator as a starting point for my browsing*, so I need to find another way to see the most recently updated sites and I’m hoping that way will be either the site feeds (if offered), or software like Website Watcher.

Not sure how this one will pan out and I’ll let you over the coming weeks, but if I don’t visit YOUR site within the next fortnight then you have a clue as to why… either that or I just don’t like you…

* how do you choose what sites to visit first, always your favourites or by the ones which have updated, and if you can’t tell which is which, how do you choose?

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