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For the past couple of months Louise and I have been working to a common deadline. I had a big product release at work, and she had the first part of a big order of wedding invite… erm… “stuff” to complete. Both of us have had “end of March” in our brains for so long that, now it has passed and April is upon us, we are both wondering what to do next. Sort of.

One man designs is keeping me busy, in fact I’m waiting on payment for a couple of things (one is currently “in the post”), have another two on the table at the moment, and another two looming (maybe three) in the next month or so. All good.

However, I’m currently feeling a little lacklustre and precisely the opposite from the revved up, working-silly-hours busy-bee that I was last week. I covered this a couple of weeks ago when I said, and I’m paraphrasing myself as I can’t be arsed to look it up (categories and tags be damned!), that “when I was very busy I found it much easier to focus on things”, and currently the opposite holds true.

A couple of soft deadlines, largely decided by me, are all I currently have. And both current projects are non-paying… (not directly, that is, but I’m speculating to accumulate) so I’m finding it hard to get some focus. Very unprofessional and not really like me, I’m usually pretty happy when I’ve got several plates in the air but right now, this very minute… well I feel like letting them drop just to see how they smash.

But I won’t.

After all, it’ll be me who has to clean up the mess.

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