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When in doubt, meme! (or in other words, I’ve been tagged by Ben at Binary Moon).

Four jobs that I’ve had

  • Training Squad – McDonalds
  • Technical Author – Dr.Solomons (McAfee)
  • Documentation Specialist – Tetra (Sage Group)
  • Technical Communications Manager (now Senior Tech Author) – current employer

Four movies I can watch over and over

Four places I have lived

  • Dumbarton
  • Aylesbury
  • Bothwell
  • Hamilton

Four TV shows I like to watch

  • 24 – new series starts on Sky One on Feb 12th!
  • Friends – ohhhh sue me. It’s easy to watch.
  • Frasier
  • [insert successful American show, probably from HBO] – House, Gray’s Anatomy, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Sopranos etc etc

Four foods that I like

  • Potatos – boiled, mashed, roasted, chipped, steamed, sauteed…. and so on
  • Chicken – nothing beats a succulently grilled chicken breast… ok so it’s usually the accompanying sauce or side dish that makes the dish
  • Ice Cream – vanilla, double cream, Equi’s or Mackies. White not yellow like that Cornish stuff (which is nice too but not AS nice you see…)
  • Guinness – look it IS a food, end of discussion.

Four websites I visit daily

Four things I want to do before I die

  • Retire
  • Write a book
  • Learn to Scuba Dive
  • Run a half marathon (hey, I’m no masochist!)

Four places I would rather be right now

  • On a quiet beach in the sun
  • San Francisco
  • In the middle of nowhere, somewhere in Scotland
  • On a plane… anywhere

Four people I’m tagging

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