Ohh shush

Louise and I don’t argue much. Not because we don’t fall out or have disagreements but because we realise, now, that arguing achieves nothing and sometimes we just have to agree to disagree. There is still the occasional spot of friction but that’s just the outcoming of being in a healthy relationship.

I’m tending to extend this approach to my online ‘persona’ more and more frequently and I find myself biting my tongue, not posting a scathing comment, and generally thinking “well this isn’t going to achieve anything” with alarming frequency. Yes, very enlightened of me I’m sure.

However, sometimes, I do have to wonder if I’m a bit of an easy touch. There were a few instances in 2005 where I backed down from arguments, not because I thought I was wrong but because I’d rather spend my energies on more positive things. Oddly, at the same time, I’ve also developed a healthy, if somewhat opposing, view of “well someone has to say it” and I’ve left a few biting comments here and there. As Ang Lee is quoted in today’s Metro (talking about not bullshitting his actors):

They can take it; people pamper themselves too much. A direct line is the quickest way to get there.

I don’t like people who play games, who are relentlessly political and I refuse to be drawn into such discussions. Everyone has their own reasons, everyone is different… tolerance.. respect… blah blah blah. You know what, fuck it. I’m not apologising for the way I am. But stop trying to score points of me, stop trying to pull me into YOUR agenda. I’ve had enough. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Except for the majority of the time when, you know, I am a pretty nice guy.