Waiting on the sun

Louise had to be in work early this morning, which means I end up sitting here at 7.25am pondering all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Should I have a coffee now or go for a wander with my camera? (coffee). Should I just crack on with some work and get ahead for the day? (alas yes). Will anyone notice if I fall asleep under my desk this afternoon? (probably not).

I’m not a morning person usually, despite being the first in the office on most days, preferring the still quiet of a late night than the lethargic tempo of an early morning. It’s been a long time since I was up and out before the dawn, admittedly not so much of a challenge in the winter but it’s still a rare occasion. Sunrise isn’t due for another hour or so by which time the office will slowly start to gather pace, and the next thing you know it’ll be just another day zipping past at breakneck speed.

So I’m pausing to enjoy the moment. I’m going to get a coffee and spend 10 minutes watching the light change over the river, the glow bloom on the buildings, and sparkle off the crystal frost on the grass. It’s nice to have a moment like this in a day.

Maybe I should get up early more often.

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