Once Upon a Time

Apparently anyone can write a book, anyone at all. Even a room full of monkeys. So there’s some hope for the rest of us I guess, I mean if a room full of monkeys can write a book then chances are I should be able to write a page, maybe two.

Me? Well I’ve got an opening sentence:

“Silently she stands there, watching through the fog as the murky ripples lap at the shore and then, without warning, she tips forward and glides into the water.”

Trouble is I can’t make up my mind whether this is headed towards a Mr.Darcy-esque moment (as she clambers out, her sodden basque clinging to her body… oh my..) or something more sinister (a mysterious force has enchanted her and beckoned her to her death?), or perhaps it’s just an early morning dip in the sea?

So, my little monkey friends, what’s the opening line to YOUR book? Don’t worry, you’ve got all weekend to think it up (and probably a fair bit of Monday as well).

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