It's a girl

Congrats to our HR/Office Manager Lynn who’s just given birth to 8lbs of baby goodness, Robyn.

Which reminds me of a funny story.

In my distant past I used to help out at the local Hospital Radio station (must get that site updated…) on the request show. It’s a fairly simple setup, you wander round the wards, chat to some patients and take requests for their favourite record. The maternity wards were always a favourite – younger patients, hotter nurses… er… more modern music choices – and so it was one night that we headed back to the station, requests in hand.

Now much as I’d like to give the impression that it was a highly organised setup it was usual more a case of rushing back ten minutes before the show started, looking out the first few tracks and jumping on air without much thought. Hence the reason the show, that night, started with the opening line of:

“Welcome along to the request show, we’ve got a stack of requests to get through tonight, so let’s get started. First up, a request for Nancy in Ward 5 from her husband. He’s so delighted that she’s just given birth to a baby Robin…”

Cue fits of giggles.

Still makes me chuckle.

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