Mercury Music

Yay! Managed to catch the award show for the Mercury Music Prize this year and it wasn’t half bad. Firstly I’m SOOOOOO glad that Antony & the Johnsons won it as it is easily the most original album I’ve heard for a long time (well since the middle of August at least) and I’m equally glad that the Kaiser Chiefs didn’t win. Phew. Feel a bit sorry for KT Tunstall though. ‘Mon the wee Scots lassie!!

The show itself wasn’t too bad, with some good performances all round (Seth Lakeman in particular) with the sad exception of one of my other favourites The Go Team! who sounded more amateur than an amateur thing that is very very amateur. Pity. However if you ever wanted an indication of why Antony won the prize you just had to listen to that performance of his. What a voice.

Anyway, bravo to the judges as I think you made the right decision, and whether you agree with the winner or not you have to concede that it’s been a bloody good year for British music.