Sidenote: I still use blogrolling (can’t find an alternative with the same options – anyone?). If there is no list of sites here it’s because blogrolling is down and as it’s been yo-yo-ing for the past couple of days then it’s probably more likely than not.

On Monday I asked for some suggestions of sites that may, or may not, be added to my blogroll in the future. I like to keep a separate list of such sites, monitor them for a while and then switch them over to the main list (the one that appears on this site).

You gave me some great suggestions, thank you everyone, and having spent a few days with them I thought I’d share the list with you. This is not ALL the sites suggested, but the ones that I think MAY be worth reading for a while.

I’ve added a few I found myself as well so have a gander. You never know, your NEXT favourite blog might be listed below!

Now I should point out that this isn’t a competition, and I hope this isn’t all a little too pretentious, it’s not meant to be, it’s just the way my mind works. I like to plan and list and evaluate most things (probably too much), and my “blogroll” is no different. To those guys and gals that are listed above, don’t worry about it, you’ll doubtless even notice the effects bar the odd extra click here or there.