So part of the Friday night story goes like this.

Towards the end of the evening … er.. the early hours of the morning, it’s only me, a friend of Lesley’s (can’t recall his name) and her cousin Tracy that are left in the club. Lesley and Sid have just left, and the three of us are finishing our drinks.

Friend of Lesley’s suddenly says cheerio and so Tracy and I are left to finish our drinks. The club starts closing, we make our way outside. It’s raining and Tracy has to phone her husband to meet him to get a taxi. I offer to wait with her until he shows up.

We chat, and about 10 mins later her husband appears. He looks like he is in a bad mood so I say my farewells and leave. I’m a bit confused as to why I was getting dirty looks but pass it off without much more thought.

Turns out he threw a bit of a mental, took his wedding ring off and accused Tracy of… well I don’t know exactly but suffice to say he’s off in the huff. Tracy and I got on well, admittedly, but it’s not like anything happened. Apparently he’s done this before, but I still feel kinda sorry for Tracy as she’s dealing with the brunt of it and it ain’t her fault.

So that was Friday night. I only found this out today, and when I told Louise she butted in at the start of the conversation and said “ohh I bet he thinks you shagged her..”. Yes folks it’s THAT laughable. And that’s about it for Friday night, or as much as I’m gonna divulge here anyway.

Hopefully my muse will return and I’ll be able to give you something a tad more interesting soon.

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