______ Lady

Arrived home this evening to find a large plastic coated woven bag on our doorstep, our new “glass recycle sack” no less. Already half full and in the garage as there is no room to store it in the house (well unless we did a little clearing out… but that would mean trimming the junk from the kitchen cupboards and we all know how much fun THAT chore is…

As Louise walked to the garage I commented that I was glad I had my very own bag lady.

We also seem to have inherited a cat. It’s a nice wee thing, black with white socks, and from what we can tell it’s not any of the neighbours (still to check mind you). We’ve given it the odd saucer of milk, and chunk of tuna, but I think we need to do a quick survey round the cul-de-sac and see if it belongs to anyone.

Mind you, Louise is quite taken with it, and I pondered aloud the prospect of having my own “mad” cat lady.

I’ve now been sent to “my room” and I’m not sure when I’ll be allowed out which, normally, would be fine as I get peace and quiet to “muck about on the internet”… except I’m dying for a pee.