It’s the end of another week, an odd stop start week for me, with some days flying past in a blur, others stalling at regular intervals before disappearing at the end of the evening leaving chores and tasks uncomplete. Still, that’s what weekends are for…

Of course I will have to discount some of Saturday as we’re off to the pub this evening to celebra… er… wish good luck to Lelly who is leaving the company to pursue her dream of becoming a drama teacher. She’s a bit of a drama queen so I’m sure she’ll be fine! (only kidding sweetie!).

Some people have the afternoon off (not me unfortunately) but we’re all going out for lunch – to a Japanese restaurant called Miso which I’ve read good things about – and I’ll catch up with them later. Isn’t always just wonderful to join up with people who have been drinking all afternoon…

The weekend itself looms large and adequately empty. We could do with a weekend to re-charge but we’ll see how the mood takes us I guess.

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