Home again, home again…

Writing this entry from my parents’ house.

So, back from sunny Devon where we had a glorious time. Thoughts, photos and whatnot will follow in a couple of days.

What did we miss whilst we were away? My sister graduated and can now add the letters B.A. after her name, dead chuffed and very proud of her. What else? Live 8, G8, the Olympic bid, the London bombings, and all that kind of “news”.

However it was all overshadowed by one thing, and whilst he’s back home now and is doing fine, my Dad had a heart attack (or heart incident as they are now called). Needless to say it was a bit of a shock and hastened us home a couple of days early. Thankfully it wasn’t a major “incident” but these things are always scary. It’s good to be home though.

Blogging will remain quietish here for another couple of days (THEN I’ll bore with you holiday tales and photos! haha!)

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