Right, where were we??

Ahhh yes, I have a holiday in Torquay to waffle on about.

But first a quick thanks for the well wishes for my Dad. He’s doing fine, and quite possibly is enjoying everyone running around after him just a little TOO much.. perhaps.. I’ll make sure he gets all your messages, they’ll be much appreciated (by me too).

Anyway, Torquay/Devon. Fantastic. Great holiday, ideal for my sister-in-laws kids as there was plenty to do at the caravan site, and loads to do in the surrounding area. We visited Buckfast Abbey, Paignton Zoo, Babbacombe Model Village, Cockington Court, took a boat trip around the bay, and Louise and I drove to Cornwall to visit someone she works with. Sunshine for two solid weeks, too much food, too much booze, perfect.

Photos will, of course, follow but will be a while as I’ve managed to leave my camera at my parents house. Suffice to say that I filled the memory card (and really must buy another) and have 420 odd photos to filter down to a sensible number!

Well guess I’ll have to catch up with what YOU lot have been up to. Where to start?

P.S. Don’t suppose anyone downloaded the Beethoven symphonies and could share 8 & 9?

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