“We all face the same way, Still it takes all day, I take a look to my left, Pick out the worst and the best”

We got stuck in traffic last night on the way through to see the in-laws. Louise was driving so I got to sate my voyeuristic tendencies peeking into windows and open doorways as we drove through the west side of Glasgow. Whilst not quite as satisfying as people-watching whilst sitting in a comfy chair in a café, the stop/start motion of the traffic not being entirely pleasant and the lack of a decent coffee being the most obvious reasons, it’s always fun watching the world go by, the multitudes of people heading home, to the pub, to the corner shop. Watching them stop to chat with a friend, ask for information at a bus stop, or sit idly on a park bench reading the paper.

Not that being in the car doesn’t have its bonuses, watching your fellow commuters tapping fingers to a song on the radio, wistfully playing with that lock of hair to the side of their face, or laughing along to the “zany” drivetime DJs, all safely cocooned in their cars, oblivious to the world. The couple having an argument, the couple sitting in stony faced silence, or the couple not watching the road ahead as they are lost in each others eyes (get a room!).

And then as the traffic cleared, they were gone, never to be seen again. Consigned to their previous status of unknown strangers, or maybe as friends I haven’t yet met.

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