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Do you dream every night? I think I do but as I awake the dream floats off into the light, disappearing from view, blurring into nothing and glimpses of the dream are all I can grab. I’ve stopped trying to remember them now, and it’s only the secondary dreams that I can recall, the ones created after I’ve woken and gone back to sleep, the ones that feature real people, real things and places, the ones that I know give me a sense of déjà vu from time to time.

There are various schools of thought as to why we dream, from Freud and Jung to modern interpretations, and all agree that dreaming is a release of emotion, the unspoken thoughts and desires we have during the day are acted upon at night by the brain as a release a way to balance your emotional output.

I wish I knew where I was heading with this…

I day dream quite a lot too, imagining scenarios in my head, everyday things sometimes, exotic things at others, my brain constantly striving to stay active, and I wonder why I do that? Is it the same unconscious workings of my brain that I experience when bored? The same reason I can lose myself completely in a book, or when I’m working on something interesting and challenging? And if so, when do some things fall prey of avoidance tactics? There are a few things I’m currently working on that have stalled not because I CAN’T do them, but because they don’t interest me or that they require more input than I want to give. I think.

I’ll stop with this now, as I’m already boring myself. Do you dream of electric sheep?

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