Well apples actually… ohh ok Apple – the people who make all those lovely laptops, widescreen displays and the little white music boxes.

I hate them you see. Every where I turn I seem to be reading more and more about their latest little white box (and boy, is it tasty).

And now I really REALLY want one. And before you start pointing fingers (especially THERE, this is a family blog you know…) it’s not JUST because I’m materialistic and love their adverts. No no, there is a very good reason for this. Two in fact.

Reason One
The thought of simplifying the music choice for my commute to work appeals. Frequently you can find me standing at the platform at 7.50 am running my finger round and round the scroll of my iPod. Round and round and round I go, pausing, changing my mind, pausing, changing my mind. At 8am the train pulls into the station and I just randomly pick whatever track I’m on. Within seconds I’m wondering if maybe I should change it for something else… and I’m off again. Usually takes a good ten minutes to finally make a decision.

So an iPod shuffle would ease my problems. Every morning, plug it in, let it grab some random tracks, and just push play. Simple.

Reason Two
I don’t actually have an iPod. LOUISE has an iPod, I just use it more than she does. I’m fed up of her reminding me of this fact. I’m also fed up having to have a playlist of her music on … er.. her iPod. Don’t get me wrong I’ve nothing against the entire catalogue of crap 80s pop, honest, it’s just that… well… it’s crap and there is a danger that someone I know might see that I have “I think we’re alone now” by Tiffany on my iPod.

So if I had my own iPod Shuffle this wouldn’t be an issue. I could put MY music on it exclusively. You’d be saving my marriage. Think of it as an act of charitable goodwill.

So if you have a spare £100 lying around, I’ll have the 1GB model please. Thanks! (awfully generous of you, you shouldn’t have bothered, no really.. ohh it IS lovely, isn’t it…)

What? You want an incentive!? Aren’t saving my marriage and solving my “what music do I want to hear this morning?” issues enough for you?

Well, tell you what, how about I throw in a Flickr Pro account for ya, sweeten the deal? Ehh.. what else? A signed photo? Of course! Least I can do. Hmmmm what else? Go on, what would it take for me to get YOU to buy ME an iPod.

What can I do for you?

(You know this makes me feel cheap, and possibly even a little slutty, but I really don’t care…)

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