You know I’m not actually sure who knows about this site. I mean I know YOU lot do, but what about the other people I work with, friends and family that read this but never mention it, never comment, never PASS comment. I know my Mum and Dad read this, and my mate Keith, and a couple of old school friends but I’m pretty sure the rest of the numbers are made up of fellow bloggers, and I’m guessing it’s about 90% in favour of blogdom (I need to find a word to replace blogosphere – blogdom, bloghaven, blogtown, “the internet”???).

I know that several people I work with know about the site but I doubt they are regular visitors (aside from the two who have blogs – and I’m not sure even they visit often – and a certain tall long haired biker dude with big sticks). So who else is out there, eyeballing this, wondering how on earth I’ve got the time to blog (pre-dated posting people!) when I’m as busy as I claim to be.

So let’s take an educated guess. In fact let’s get scientific for a moment, as there is a simple equation I can use to ascertain how many people I know read my blog:

        A x B = Z

A is the number of joke emails about the pope = 50
B is the number of people who’ve read that I don’t give a rats ass about “that old bloke what died” but still sent on of the abovementioned types of email = 0 (I’m presuming, or they wouldn’t have sent me the email)
Z will be the number of people I know that read this blog.

        50 x 0 = 0

Well, it’s either that or they’re just trying to piss me off, or incite some kind of office email rage incident (which isn’t as bad as it sounds, as all I do is HUFFFF loud enough for a few people to hear, yank my earphones out letting them drop to the desk, and then stomp off to make a cup of coffee).

I’m serious, if I see another email resembling “Pope Idol” or “Car for Sale” featuring the Popemobile I WILL throw a hissy fit!!

And yes I’m sure the mathematicians amongst you will be able to find flaw with my “equation”. Let me remind you that I write for a living, I don’t DO numbers*. I’ll corret your speling, you can correct my englich.

* that sentence is gonna back-fire on me in sooooo many ways.

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