Bad Monkey

It’s only when you have a small, slightly tender wound in the middle of your back that your realise how often you lie on your back whilst trying to get to sleep. I always thought I slept mostly on my side but after wakening every 30 minutes or so last night I find that I lie on my back more often than I thought.

In other exciting news, for some reason (well some reason I can’t get to the bottom of), Firefox has stopped opening Javascript linked windows, like the comments on this site. Most annoying.

Not sure if it was the update, the removal of a couple of extensions (though neither were anything to do with windows), or the installation of an extension. Frankly I’m too knackered and too busy to care. I’ll sort it later.

And then, of course, decides to stop playing and runs off with the ball. I’m definitely NOT going to be renewing that service but it does leave a hole. Not only did I use it on this site, but I had all of my blogrolls (four of ’em) on my internet browser start page, how the hell am I going to replace them?

More later. Coffee now.

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