So what’s today? Today is Friday. That’s it, nothing else. Just another working day at the end of another working week.

Except it isn’t. It’s a bank holiday, which has some connection to a religious event, apparently. Obviously upon hearing that jesus had rolled away the giant chocolate egg from in front of his tomb, the bankers of the day took it upon themselves to have a holiday. Hey, why not take the Monday after it as well, they no doubt thought. We could make a long weekend of it, get in some golf maybe, although I hear that new course at Eden is almost completely exclusive…

Today is also the last Friday of the month. The day I get paid. You can see where this is going, can’t you.

I didn’t get paid today. Our finance guys sent off the pay BACS thingydoo-dah at the usual time but for some reason it hasn’t appeared in my bank account, or anyone else using the Bank of Scotland (about 15 of us).

And the bankers are on holiday. Until Tuesday.

Upshot is that I now have to trail into Glasgow to the office to pick up a cash advance to get us through the weekend. Twunting badgeknackers.

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