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Wanting a leisurely evening we decided to forego the darker undertones of Constantine and tossed a coin for either Hitch or Robots. Robots it was (well it was tails as it happens) and we settled into our seats as the only adults no accompanied by a child or three.

Now I think I’ve made no secret of my love of the Pixar movies and this movie by Blue Sky studios (with the backing of 20th Century Fox) has further convinced me that, while the visual side is quickly catching up, the rest of the animation studios have a long way to go before they’ll be able to dethrone the little hopping lamp from it’s position atop the pile.

Don’t get me wrong this wasn’t a bad movie, it maintained a fair level of humour throughout, and had a few “for adults” moments as well – my favourite being the breaking down robot launching into a stilting rendition of “A bicycle made for two”, even if I was sure I felt Stanley Kubrick spinning in his grave at the point – but it failed to engage and just felt rushed throughout. Aside from the main character and his father you never really bought into any of the other characters, especially as the storyline fairly whipped along. Of course I shouldn’t be judging a kids movie with the same criteria I would use for an adult film (not THAT kind of adult!) but, as Pixar have shown, even kids movies can be great.

And a quick suggestion to any other studios wanting to use Robin Williams – yes he is wacky and funny but sometimes the story just doesn’t need another distraction.

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