So Chelsea have won their first trophy. I have to admit to taking a shine to their manager, he may be arrogant but there always seems to be a wee twinkle in his eye. If nothing else he’s a tad more exciting than Arsene Wenger. The king of ranting will always be Sir Alex though, who can forget his rant just after his Aberdeen side had WON the Scottish Cup when he said he was disgusted at the way his team had played. Barking, obviously.

Enough of football. Let’s talk about the rugby. Scotland scraped a win against Italy, Wales destroyed France in a fantastic second half and I didn’t see Ireland beating England.

Indulge me for a minute will you – “Ireland beating England”. Ohh that feels good.

Anyhoo, more awards tonight and, as is tradition, my wife will be watching the Oscar ceremony. If Jamie Foxx and Hilary Swank don’t win the best actor and actress awards, respectively, then something is seriously wrong. As for the other awards, I’d have to say Million Dollar Baby should sneak Best Picture, but Martin Scorcese should nip the Best Director award from Clint Eastwood. Cate Blanchett MUST win for her turn as Katherine Hepburn but I’m not sure about Best Supporting Actor. I’d like to see Morgan Freeman get it as I he is very rarely bad in any movie I’ve seen him in but having not seen Closer I can’t comment on the Clive Owens performance.

I’d also expect the Cinematography award to go to The Aviator – if you’ve seen it you probably noticed how the film slowly developed more and more vivid colour matching the progression of the film industry at that time. It was quite subtle but very effective – bit like the muted tones of Saving Private Ryan, or the green tones used in The Matrix trilogy.

Of course as is usual I’ve not even had the opportunity to see some of the nominated movies in the cinema yet so it’s always a bit odd to try and make these kind of predicitions. Of course we shouldn’t forget the fact that this is all one big love-in for the Hollywood set – I wonder if Imelda Staunton will enjoy it?

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