Tale of an upgrade

Note: If you can read this, it worked and I’m now running WordPress 1.5

OK, first things first. Some music.

Hmmm oh yes a nice playlist with some selected tracks from several “Chillout” compilations. Ideal background stuff (some of which reminds me that Portishead are working on a new album), ohh Gotan Project are up first. Perfect..

Onto the instructions then, making sure to read them all the way through first. Yes, all seems straightforward. Fingers crossed.

OK, let’s kick off a mass FTP download of everything to a local folder and backup that folder up somewhere nice and safe. Hmmm I’ll go put the kettle on whilst that lot is transferring.

Hmm that’s nice coffee, must remember where we got that. Ohh the FTP has finished. What next? Oh yes, .

Ohh yes, 34sp have a new admin backend. Cripes I’ve not even looked at it yet, better take me time. Ohh but it does look pretty. OK, login, click on the domain name, and there it is with a nice icon and everything. Databases, and then I guess I click on the database name, and then.. DB WebAdmin I guess… Thought I’d get the phpMyAdmin thingy.. ohh wait, Firefox has blocked the popup. Enable that, click again, THERE IT IS!

Right so the instructions say, click this, do that.. and the first backup file has started to download. Why do I have to do all three? Ach no harm in it I guess. Hmm there are more instructions but they seem to be for restoring a database from a backup so I’ll leave them alone for the moment. Back to the main set of instructions.

OK, more copying of files, yes that seems logical. Ohh now onto the good stuff, editing files!! And my first problem, my stylesheet switcher. Never fear I SHALL OVERCOME! Hmm hang, on I don’t use the WordPress layout.css file so I think.. oh god I hope this is right, I think I can ignore this. Yeah I’m pretty sure I can.

So, edit this, move that, create folder (carrots? really? ok), move those files, copy that there. Hey this is pretty easy!!

Right, deactivate all current plugins. Done (they all now read “Activate”). Cripes, deleting files. Start mantra – I have backups, I have backups – and press the delete key.
Done – now start uploading the new files. And now the big blue WordPress Upgrade button! It’s done but still some steps to follow.

OK, that should be it.

A couple of things to investigate though
– my index.php file isn’t in my WordPress directory.
– I’ll need to switch the trackback thing to use WordPress (why are these moderated under comments?)
– I’ll need to convert some of the static pages to WordPress ‘pages’ and I’ll be fully WordPress dependant.

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