(nice dream)

I hear her breathing but when I woke up, with a start, she wasn’t there. The breathing continued whilst I frantically pull at the covers searching for her, I can hear her, where is she? Suddenly she appeared, standing over me, panicked and sweating, something about my Dad… my heart racing I suddenly sit up and realise I had been asleep. I turn to my left and there she is, lying next to me, shallow breathing her way through her dream.

Bit of a disturbed sleep last night, took me ages to get over as well, mind racing, make a list for that, start doing that, remember not to forget to do that.

Amongst the triviality of my day I need to phone the gas company and tell them I’ll pay the bill on Friday (payday), go to the bank to deposit a cheque from the Inland Revenue, all £14.81 of it, and consider getting a haircut knowing fine well I’ll leave it until next week. What excitement does your day hold?