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Silly website things aside, real life continues apace and it’s only the 6th January.

The Christmas decorations came down last night, I think we were the last house in the street to do so, but then traditionally they are due down today. I think. Anyway, the house is feeling bare and I’m fighing off the temptation to go for a wander at lunchtime and maybe buy a print or two. Well that plus the fact that it’s cold, wet and windy outside, and that I wouldn’t buy something like that without approval from the boss wife.

And of course if I’m out and about I’ll also be tempted to wander into FOPP but I’m trying to see if I can make it to the end of January and still have some money in my account for a change, in fact I think that would be a first.

Did you watch Big Cat Diary last night? I wonder how long it takes them to get that footage? Ohh and did anyone watch Desperate Housewives? Looks like it’ll be good show and I have to admit that having Sky+ has already changed my viewing habits. It’s so much easier to record and watch programmes. For example, we were de-Christmasifying the house when Big Cat Diary was on, but I’d already set it to record the series so we watched it later on. In fact I’ll need to be careful as I’ve been hitting that record button willy-nilly. Maybe I’ll need to get that extra hard drive BEFORE we go on holiday.

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