WordPress stuff

Permalink structure
What gives? Is it because I have my index.php file outside my WordPress directory? I can get it to build the structure but then the permalinked post loses the link to the CSS (it presumes it’s in a different folder I think).

Comments, Trackbacks, Pingbacks
I’m still using HaloScan for the comments, so any pingbacks don’t get displayed. Is there a way to have Pingbacks and Trackbacks displayed in a new window (like the comments are)?
I’m still swithering over switching my comments to WordPress. I get almost no comment spam at all using HaloScan, can I achieve the same with WordPress? And can I have it display the same way it currently does? I know I can display recent comments easily but is that reason enough for change?

Archive tags
What format of archives would you find useful? Date, Category, anything else?
Sorted, and I’ve updated both the Archives and the Search facility with this nice little plugin: condensed content for archives.

I’ve found some here, here, here and here. I’ll be checking out the del.icio.us ones later but what others should I be looking at?

My biggest gripe with WordPress is the way information is handled. It’s all a bit random and unpredictable. I know it’s open source but they really need to agree on a method of delivering new information, and storing current info. Sometimes you get info from the Docs, sometimes from the Wiki, sometimes from the forum, more often from a Google search and someone’s blog. This is NOT good. Example: The recent 1.2.2 release. It stated that it “fixed some things” and despite asking, and getting some extra info, I’ve still to be able to find a comprehensive list of what was fixed (or what was broken), and what is new in that release. Very frustrating. Unless, of course, this is all explained somewhere and I’ve just missed it.