At least it's not Monday

Ahhh the morning commute – trains delayed, cancelled, packed to the gunnels – how I’ve missed you.

Still, only three days at work then six days off. Only three days. Only three days. Mind you the weather in Malaga doesn’t look too great at the moment but then it’ll be better than it is here. Have I mentioned that we fly to Spain on Monday?

I have to admit that getting up this morning was a real struggle, even my normally sprightly wife greeted the morning with a curse, and I’m not really in a work mood. I now wish I’d taken an extra three days holiday to get me through this week as well but I suppose I’ve got to start back at some point.

Ohhh and while I remember:
1. Yes yes, I’ve yet to restyle the rest of the pages of this site. I know!
2. Big Cat Diary is on all this week. Yay.
3. If you have me listed in your MSN, I’m currently using the nickname Tango.
4. Do try and remember to hush up at midday.

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