Quiet, I'm eating

Louise was supposed to be going out for dinner with some friends last night but they both cancelled on her, so we went instead. It’s a local Cantonese restaurant that does a pretty good buffet, we’ve not been there in ages and it took us a while to realise that the last time we were out for dinner together was for our anniversary in August. How time flies.

We also got a bit lucky with our table as we managed to get the seat right next to the table for a family of 10 who were, loudly, celebrating a birthday. Even better luck befell us when the last couple turned up to join the table. They’d brought their baby with them! Joy! There really is nothing like an earsplitting scream to create that certain ambience.

Still at least we got to join in the birthday celebrations, especially the opening of the presents which were, in no particular order, FUCKIN’ CRACKIN’ (pair of boots), AWESOME (a CD), THAT’S THE BEES FUCKIN’ KNEES (some gadget of some sort), and THAT’LL GET NECKED THA MORRA, I’LL BE FUCKIN’ WRECKED! HAHAHAHAHA (bottle of vodka or tequila).

Ohh and the food was OK too.

Speaking of which, is it lunchtime yet?